Test and Tag Gold Coast

Test and tag in Gold Coast is a method and necessary requirement to ensure a property’s compliance with Australian and Electrical Safety regulations. Each test and tag involves two components. Firstly our team will visually inspect the appliance for any visible damage, followed by testing to determine any potential dangers not seen visually. Once an appliance has been tested and confirmed safe, we place a tag on it.

Along with a date when the next test is due. Appliances such as power tools or smaller appliances like kettles are examples of the most used portable appliances within a workplace. It doesn’t take much for smaller appliances to host as a potential electrical danger. Test and tag in Gold Coast should be completed regularly to ensure the safety of your workers while using electric appliances.


Why Is Test and Tag in Gold Coast Important?

Test and tag in Gold Coast is a legal requirement, whether you are in the construction process or an office space. Test and tagging helps to ensure the safety of workers and people within the property using appliances. Regular checks and maintenance are required to guarantee ongoing safety, as one test is not enough. Our team at East Coast Sparkies have regular test and tag clients, primarily in construction. All of our testing and tagging complies with Australian Standards so that we can be sure that when we perform tests they are completed properly.
In addition to test and tag, we also provide our skills and resources for the following electrical services:

Your Local & Reliable Team

At East Coast Sparkies we have been the local and reliable team completing test and tag in Gold Coast for years. Over our 12 years of experience, we have worked on everything from small residential jobs to large commercial work. With communication at the forefront of our business, we start with open communication from the initial contact. From here we have a greater understanding of the work, with help from photos and description form clients. We appreciate and respect your time and business, we show up in the allocated booking time or message updates if we are going to be later. Here are some of the reasons we have been the chosen specialists for test and tag in Gold Coast:

Gold Coast test and tag should be performed by a qualified and experienced team. At East Coast Sparkies, our team have years of knowledge under our belt to complete accurate and timely tests. Contact us today at 0420 750 752, and get your appliances tested.


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