Electrician Palm Beach QLD

With a range of qualifications to perform electrical services, East Coast Sparkies can provide you with an electrician in Palm Beach QLD. We provide high-quality service to all our clients working in residential, commercial and industrial industries. From electrical installations to air conditioning we can provide the necessary support.

Our owner, Matt has experience working on small jobs that may require a few simple tasks, like light switches to large and more in-depth work in large homes and commercial job sites. Not only do we pride ourselves in providing quality services, but also quality products.

If you are looking for quality electricians in Palm Beach QLD, we are the team for you! To support you when you need an electrician most, we provide advice on small issues over the phone to try and rectify the problem then and there.

Reliable Electricians in Palm Beach QLD

We believe communication is important which is why our electrician in Palm Beach QLD will keep you updated throughout the job. Taking the time to assess every problem is important to us to ensure we provide a valuable solution to you.

We offer a range of services that include:

Dealing with Hot Water Systems

Providing service to hot water systems is just another aspect of the job that we perform as electricians in Palm Beach QLD. You often don’t realise it, but we rely heavily on our hot water systems in our home. Whether it be to shower, do the dishes or washing clothes we use it regularly every day.

If you don’t do your research, you could be hiring the wrong person for the job which can cause more stress and financial strain down the line. If your hot water system has tripped the circuit breaker, you likely need an electrician. If you also think your thermostat may be faulty this is also an opportunity to reach out to an electrician to come and assess the problem further.

The team at East Coast Sparkies will always provide a professional electrician offering you the right advice and next steps.

At East Coast Sparkies, we have a guarantee to arrive within a timely matter, with a promise of care and skill. Each time you liaise with us, are committed to being well presented and professional to all job sites. As we frequently exceed our clients’ expectations, we promise to stand by our manufacturer’s guarantees. To reach an electrician in Palm Beach QLD that you can trust, contact us today.


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