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Owner of East Coast Sparkies, Matt, has 12 years of experience working as an electrician Mermaid Beach across projects big and small within both the residential and commercial sector. Matt also has high levels of experience with smart wiring, providing the capabilities to offer wiring that can turn an existing building into a smart home.

We provide free quotes to clients before conducting any work, our services span from maintenance and servicing to lighting design and home theatre audio. When working with lighting design we can work closely with architects to provide lighting that is practical and functional for every room.

If you are looking for an electrician in Mermaid Beach, East Coast Sparkies will offer you the promise of care you are after as we remain responsible for all work conducted in your home or business. Reach out for more information today!

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Electrician Mermaid Beach

We strive to meet and exceed all our clients’ expectations each time to confirm they are 100% satisfied with our electrician Mermaid Beach. Communication is very important to us, from the first point of contact you receive from us, you will notice the difference.

When you call us, we will ask for relative photos to try and sort the problem over the phone, if this does not progress we can organise a day that best suits you and book in a time to solve the given issues. We will be in contact the day before and when our electrician is on their way.

Matt has been a local to the area his whole life, which is why you can trust us to arrive on time. We are specialist electricians Mermaid Beach in installation, testing and maintenance, AV, automation, construction, data communications and air conditioning.

Tips on How to Fix Your Hot Water System

Before contacting your electrician Mermaid Beach, it is important to discover whether you require an electrician or potentially a plumber for any hot water fixes. East Coast Sparkies recommend for you to carry out two steps before proceeding to save you money and time.

Trip switch: It is imperative to make sure that the circuit breaker in your switch box has not been tripped. If you find that there is a trip switch, then switch it back and see if this helps to resolve the given issue.

Pressure relief valve: It is necessary to check your pressure relief valve, there is a small lever at the top which you can lift and let the water run through the overflow pipe. If the valve is completely functioning and does not need to be attended to, then only less than one cup of water should be released each day.

For all your electrical needs, contact the team at East Coast Sparkies! From commercial to residential, our electrician Mermaid Beach can provide a range of specialist services to help you. Call us now at 0420 750 752.


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